"Knit Your Own Dinosaur" book - Stegosaurus pattern

I’d love to make this stegosaurus for my nephew, but I’ve read through the pattern several times and it seems like there’s a piece missing.

You make each leg separately and leave a certain number of stitches on a spare needle. Then when you knit each side of the body, you work the leg stitches in. All of the front leg stitches are accounted for. But the back legs each require leaving 9 stitches on a needle and only 4 of them seem to be worked into the body. Photos of the pattern attached.

What am I missing?


(Entire pattern not included, but nothing else mentions the legs).

Is this the one?

Looking at the pictures on this project page https://www.ravelry.com/projects/jotriestoknit/stegosaurus it looks like there is another piece that goes underneath. Are the remaining stitches incorporated with it?

This is the one. However, the tummy doesn’t mention legs at all and is sewn onto the body after the legs are done.

Hmph. I’m out of ideas I’m sorry to say.

Are there instructions under Finishing perhaps that tell you what to do with the left over sts on the back legs? Maybe they’re grafted together?

Thanks for trying to help! I have opted for a different book of animal patterns. Maybe I’ll find some dinosaurs that make sense eventually :slight_smile:

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