Knit X rows straight

Hi guys, Im in some need of advice here. Im working on my first garmet, a pullover. I am on the left sleeve, have done the cuff and first 1/4 of the sleeve in st st. Now I have come to this part. I have highlighted in bold the parts I dont understand. Now all logic would be to continue on in st st, so what does [B]work 6[6:8:8:10] rows straight mean[/B]? Im using the largest size so Im doing the 10 rows which I understand but what does straight mean?

My other question is over this line, [B]Work 2[6 :0:4:0] rows straight[/B] Does that mean I do nothing, since Im on the biggest size which says ‘0’ and just move on to the next part of the pattern?

[B]Work 6[6:8:8:10] rows straight[/B]
(Adjust sleeve length here, if
required. Reducing 2 rows =
1cm shorter. Make a note of your
adjustment as this will also be
required on the Right sleeve)
Inc 1 st at each end of the
next and every following
8th[8th:9th:9th:10th] row until
there are 52[54:56:58:60] sts,
ending with a P row

[B]Work 2[6 :0:4:0] rows straight[/B].
Slip the 52[54:56:58:60] sts onto
the circular needle, RS facing.

The full pattern can be found here, its worked sideways on circular needles.

I went and looked at the pattern to be sure. You start out doing some shaping on the sleeve and at this point you don’t do anymore shaping but knit straight. In other words just keep doing St st but without shaping. Sometimes they say “work even” too to mean the same thing.

My other question is over this line, Work 2[6 :0:4:0] rows straight

You’re right, just don’t do anything for your size, skip over this and go to the next thing that applies to your size.

Ahh thankyou Marigold :thumbsup:

:aww: errr just one more thing, its about the increases it asks for, I’ve looked in the videos here to see what it could be talking about but Im not sure which ones to do. This is the way the designer described how to do an increase in the Abbreviations. Obviously one for a purl row and one for a knit row. Would moss inc for purl and KFB for knit be what she means?

Pattern Abbreviation

Inc 1 = K or P twice into the next
stitch to make an extra stitch.

Inc 1 = K or P twice into the next
stitch to make an extra stitch.

With that description she means to k front and back into the same stitch, or to purl front and back into the same stitch as needed.

Thanks again Marigold :hug: