Knit Wits

Although I sometimes dream of having a “crafts room”, it is not something that will become a reality any time soon. Moving from one country to another, then moving again within the same city and now considering moving to another state, I have to keep my craft material portable.

Having a cat who was probably spawned by Gremlins and who firmly believes that yarn constitutes 100% of the fiber content in the feline food pyramid, it also means I have to keep my craft material in places she can’t get to (that’s her in the picture….she only “looks” cute and innocent).

Add to that the fact that I have a very limited income and can’t afford the cases and other things sold in craft stores. Then again, I’m a sucker for objects that can multitask.

So…I’ve had to become crafty in my crafts containers. Having worked at a thrift store for a year and a half helped a lot. Here are a few things that I’ve found out are useful:

  • Tackle-boxes, art-bins and tool-boxes: specially the ones that come with extra tabs so you can make up your own divisions. Brand new they can be pricey, second hand they can go for as low as 4 bucks. If you’re lucky, you can get two and keep one in the trunk of your car, for those…. “drive-by crafting moments”….or ‘yarning’ as my dear significant other refers to anything that has to do with yarn.
    I even have a couple of tackle boxes that are the size of an average pencil box, where I keep full sets of crochet hooks.

  • Plastic mini-M&M containers: The lil’ tube things? Very useful. Use the small ones for “weaving” needles and needle threaders. Use the large ones for crochet hooks or DPN’s.

  • Plastic containers for drinks like Crystal-Light: The kind that are just one tall tube, and has the pre-measured mini-containers inside? Same basic use as the large mini-M&M containers.

  • Bottle corks: great needle protectors. You can buy bags of assorted corks at the store.

  • Twisty ties from bread bags: stitch markers anyone? :slight_smile:

So, those are a few of mine. What about the rest of you? Any apparently non-craft material/stuff you’ve found useful? :XX:

  • Diana.

Great ideas!

I like to use the clear plastic/vinyl zippered type bags that new linens or comforters or curtains and such come in, the smaller ones for protecting individual projects or larger ones for stash storage. Since they’re flexible, you can stuff them under a bed or other places that a rigid storage container wouldn’t fit.

I have yarn-finatic kittys who love nothing more than terrorizing my poor innocent balls of yarn.

My (cheap) solution?

My mom uses the large tubs of Shedds Spread Country Crock, and saves me the empty container. I cut a round hole in the lid. Then I thread my yarn through the hole, toss the ball of yarn in the butter container and snap on the lid. The ball unwinds easily, rolling its self about in the butter container as I knit and the cats have no clue how to get to the yarn.

:smiley: Very, very good ideas :smiley: I use ziploc bags to put my ball of yarn in as I’m knitting, keeps the yarn in one place. Another great idea (not mine, but Lily Chin’s :wink: ) is using the plastic thingy that comes on bags of bread and/or buns to put on the piece of yarn that’s left over when u cast on…one of my fave tips :wink: