Knit with round needles

Being a beginning knitter, how does one attach one end to the other in order to continue knitting in the round??:knitting:

You don’t connect the needles, you connect the yarn and stitches. You should have enough sts to fit around the cord and you join by knitting the first stitch on the left needle with the yarn coming from the last stitch on the R needle. You can look on the Advanced techniques page for videos that show knitting in the round.

to make a round your need more than two straight needles… I don’t know what stage of knitting experience you are at…

you can knit in the round by using circular needles (2 needles attached by a cord the stitches hang on), or a set of 4 or 5 double pointed needles or you can use a technique called “magic loop knitting” (videos all over the net) that uses circular needles, too.

the flexible cord or the multiple double pointed needles enable you to “curve your knitting” back to its beginning. then you just knit the first stitch of your work after your last as suzzie said.

what needles do you want to work with?