Knit with 3 strands

Well, I am at an interesting crossroads. I have finished everything on my needles. Last piece being blocked. So I really wanted to do something quick. With the cold weather I thought of slipper socks. I found a pattern on ravelry: naptime slipper socks by Christina Mackenzie. But I am really confused because she says 3 strands of chunky yarn. I have never done that. I am thinking “why would you? Bulky seems thick enough. And she says on small needles. But 8mm is 11US. That’s not small to me. I am thinking just get a bulky weight yarn and knit with one strand. Am I missing something?

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The information on ravelry describes these as very thick socks intended to be like slippers, not worn with shoes, and regarding the needle size she says

Because it is using so many strands with relatively small needles it is a very stiff sock that is created

I don’t think she means the needles are small, but rather that for this bulk of yarn they are smaller than one might usually use. It produces a tight fabric.
She also says you can experiment with yarn and gauge, but the stitch count given is for the thick weight of the 3 strands of bulky yarn on the 8mm needle.

Maybe try out a swatch and see if you like it and if it comes up to the gauge given?