Knit whatever we want!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas - I definitely did! Since this was my first Christmas as a real knitter (I started to learn just before last Christmas) I totally enjoyed giving so many people knitted presents! It was such an amazing experience for me.
But I have to admit I’m really excited… now that Christmas is over, we can knit whatever we want!!! bwah hah hah!
For me, it’s Bayerische socks and… Oh sheesh, I don’t know yet. But you’d better believe it’s going to be making all kinds of awesome socks. My next few days are going to be spent watching The Office (I got ALL THREE SEASONS ON DVD!!!) and knitting up some sweet cabled socks :smiley:
Three cheers for knitting whatever we want!!! :woot:


After the mad rush to finish before Christmas I thought I’d take a couple of days off from knitting. Didn’t happen of course, I’ve already cast on another project. :mrgreen:

hehe That’s awesome!

I know! Already knitting up a gauge swatch for a project for [I]me[/I]

I got my new Knitpicks Harmonies for Christmas, and already started on the second “Fetching” for my dd. (Haven’t done the thumb part of the first one, but will get to that).

Now, I’m looking through patterns and deciding WHAT I want to knit next! I do have a sock I plan to start just after the first of the year (too many other things on my plate between now and then to concentrate).

But, yeah! I’m right there with ya. (BTW, I thought you were a much more experienced knitter than I am…we probably started right at the same time…last fall sometime!)

The dollar store had a ton of royal blue Lion Boucle, so the first skein is already the cuff and part of a shrug. I plan to wear it while I’m drinking cappucino from the totally unexpected Mr. Coffee maker DH got me.

Enjoy your ‘just for you’ knitting!

I have already started a Grace Kelly Scarf out of BABY alpaca for myself…ooooooooooooo I am so excited !!!

I knitted so many gifts & am so happy that I was able to give so many wonderful hand made things to my loved ones!

Happy Holidays !!

:teehee: After staying up til 2 a.m. this morning to finish my last Christmas gift I swore I wouldn’t knit a thing for a bit. Like Mason, as soon as I found a break today I cast on for the most adorable little hat I saw on tv. Not to mention DH got me a couple of pattern books for Christmas. Man, what an addiction…

i’m still working on weasley sweaters for my sons… and i’ve decided to say farg it and make that very berry T for my granddaugther (anyone know how durable the Mod-dea fashionista yarn is?). Her birthday’s in february (the 9th actually) and it shouldn’t take me too long to do (i hope!). I"ll be getting my needles tomorrow (going to joann’s 20 minutes away and using my 40 percent off coupons).

then once those 3 things are done i’m going to end up going and working on 4 shawls for the ladies (one each) of the tribe… these i don’t need to have done until NEXT january.

Right now i’m still fuming. dh’s cat (yes, HIS cat… the sole male) was int he office with dh… i had the irish hiking scarf in a gallon size ziplock baggie, dh came out for break, went back in and the little monster had it pulled down and on the floor (3 balls of wool tangled and chewed) and ruined the scarf (holes in it… i’m ready to kill both dh AND the cat)

Me to, I thought I was sick of scarf’s had to make 6 of them for christmas gifts but first thing this morning I cast on a scarf & hat for me! LOL.

I’m sorry about the ruined sweater, (what should we call you?), terrible thing to have happen. SHeesh!

I knit until 0200 this morning, knitted right through Christmas day, will probably look through a cataloug or two before bed. It is addictive.

The same thing happened for me - I was up til 2:30 to finish my grandma’s last sock, but today I finished myself a quant.
I’m in a kind of weird spot now - I only have ONE Wip… Bayerische socks for myself. And I love them, but it’s such slow-going cables, I need to get at least one more project going for something a little less intense. Or just different.
So I’m at my home for about three weeks more, with my home LYS… maybe they’ll have some good ideas.

What kind of projects are you guys wanting to start now that you’re “free”?

Didn’t finish nearly as many holiday gifts as I would have liked. I thought I was gonna have a matching winter set (hats and gloves and scarves) for everyone, totally unrealistic! About half the projects are in a bag, off the needle so that I could use the needles in other projects. I’ll probly frog those.
But, I finished at least one object for each member of the fam I wanted to knit for, a bunch of hats for my wonderful boyfriend, and have a HUGE box of yarn in “leftover” from my 10 skein wonder projects that turned into 2 skein wonders. =]

I got a gift certificate to the LYS so I’ll be hittin that up!! I got a bunch of hat requests though, from my bf’s friends/coworkers. I finished a bunch of his hats a few weeks ago so I’ve been letting him wear them, took them back Christmas Eve to rewrap them so he could open them up in front of the fam =] well, now I have a few orders, and they’re willing to pay me for them! Sweeeeet.

Next up for projects: more winter gear for ME!!! and a few more winter items for the bf, such as: a helmetliner (he rides his bike in the winter cold, so something to cover his face but that doesn’t block his vision), gloves, socks…

I wanna start knitting socks. EEEEiii!! i’m so excited!

That’s funny youy said that - I actually started a shrug I’ve been wanting for a few months! After all the gifts were open - I went & got the yarn & started on it while everyone was playing with their stuff! YIPEE - me time!