Knit wedding stuff?

I’m currently looking for possible accessories. I’ve only been able to find so many veils and purses and was wondering if anyone knew of some nice antique looking patterns.Anything traditionally knit or crocheted like a small purse, veil, garter,or hosiery would be appreciated.Really, ANYTHING would be appreciated.I want to hand make as much of the raiment as possible.

Have you joined If not, you should - it’s free. It’s a great resoruce for finding patterns & ideas. I plugged in ‘wedding’ and got nearly 650 patterns. Granted not all fit your criteria, but a great place to get ideas.

Sue Cousins has an entire book about wedding knits. I’m sure you cna find it on Amazon.

I bought a Leisure Arts booklet called “Crocheted Wedding Accessories” almost 20 years ago. Here’s a picture of what the booklet looks like:

But you can enter “Crocheted Wedding Accessories” into Google and find different booklets/patterns. I used this booklet to crochet the baskets for each of my bridesmaids to carry during my wedding. This booklet also has patterns for a:

wedding hat
shaped basket
flat basket
heart shaped pillow
handkerchief edging
sachet or rice bag
jewelry case

HTH, knitcindy

Thanks for the link!This place has a ton of old patterns :slight_smile:

Soooooo, are YOU the bride-to-be, meowmeowmeow??? When is the BIG day??