Knit Wash on Sale!

Yee ha! I found some Knit Wash on sale at a local fabric store half price, so I got 2 of them!

I have a jar of that. I love the way it smells, and it does a nice job. Since you use so little, I’ll be that will last you for years!

What the heck is knit wash?

You use it to wash wool. It’s gentle and helps to soften things up.

Sorry I didn’t give a better description.

It’s called “Fairfield KnitCare Knit Wash”, and it is designed to gently clean all your washable knit and crochet projects, as well as fine washables, delicate fabrics and lingerie. It is “earth friendly”, contains no phosphates, no bleach and is biodegradable. It rinses out leaving no soapy residue, and comes with it’s own teaspoon to measure the perfect amount of soap every time. 8 oz Jar- enough for 48 washes!