Knit w/two different threads?

I am a newbie. I have been knitting since August '07. I have only knitted dish cloths. Now I want to move on to scarves. I would like to make a scarf similar to the “Fizz Eyelash & Cotton Chenille” scarf on the pattern page. Unfortunately I don’t know how to work with different threads. Help!


You CO and knit with the first yarn, then drop it and begin knitting with the 2nd one. You’re always going to do the change on the same side so you can loosely twist them around each other when you pick up the other. When you first start the 2nd yarn, leave about 3" and weave in the tail when you’re finished. The first stitch may be a little loose, but it won’t come out and you can pull on the tail a little to tighten it.

Sue, thanks for your quick response. I need some clarification. In the pattern it says "Knit all rows (garter stitch) using 2 rows of each yarn alternately. Carry the yarns up the side of scarf between pairs of rows. " Do you lightly twist the yarns on the side of the scarf? And what do they mean by between pairs of rows? I am having a problem visualizing it.


Yes, the yarns will be twisted on the side. For your first 2 rows, you’ll knit with yarn A. For the next 2 rows you’ll use yarn B (twisting the 2 yarns together before the first stitch as Sue described). When you’re done with those rows, you’ll be back to where yarn A was dropped so you can pick it up, twist it, and knit another 2 rows. Sometimes things are hard to visualize until you actually do them. Oh - and welcome to the world of knitting. I started about the same time you did. :slight_smile:

just like that, it’s easy!!