Knit w/2 colors{stranded technique} how 2 end?

ok. so i’ve been knitting a scarf alternating two colors (red and blue). i’ve been using the stranded method. i wanted to do a pattern but i’m new and couldn’t figure out how to start the scarf without casting on both at the same time. anyway, now i don’t kno how to bind them off. i suppose i jus bind off the same way i would if i were knitting normally but continue to alternate the colors? but if i do that one isn’t going to wind up at the last stitch to pull the yarn and finish. anyone do something remotely close to this before?

ok, i hope i understood you clearly. if you are knitting with the two strands separately, alternating colors, then you can bind off in the last color you used and weave in the end of the other color. but if you are knitting with two strands together you should bind off with the both strands together the same as the knitting. hope this helps.


that actually helps a whole lot! thank you so much! :slight_smile: and i was knitting with two strands separately btw.
this is a bday present for my aunt and i’m running behind schedule so, again, THANK YOU~!!!