Knit up a chunky scarf

I want to knit up a chunky scarf and wanted to know what the best yarn and pattern to use. I am new at this and would like something easy to get my feet wet so to speak. Thanks:)

Maybe Wool-Ease Chunky. Since you’re new, when you are deciding which chunky yarn to use I’ll recommend staying away from the bumpy chunky ones (like boulce) since they won’t flow as easily off your needles. You’ll be able to tell bumpy from smooth… it’s quite obvious.

For a first project can I recommend maybe a set of coasters rather than a scarf? Scarves can get a little boring after a while and since you’re just learning you’ll learn quicker since it’s a smaller project to start and finish.

Bernat Softee Chunky is nice and soft and it comes in variegated colors as well as plain ones.

I made my first scarf out of Lamb’s Pride and it’s soft and gorgeous. The Yarn Harlot recommends making a hat as one of your first projects. It’s great because it teaches you knit, purl and decreases. There’s a whole section on it in [B]Knitting Rules![/B], which is a great book by the way. I knit a hat for my boyfriend as a second projects and it really did take no time. I made one on two straight needles (due to my fear of circulars and dpns, now somewhat resolved) and sewed the seam up the back. Took about 2 days to make one, it was easy! The hat that I made was from Stitch and Bitch, but it was really simple.

Yarn Harlet? Stitch and Bitch?? Hey Knitgal and SuzeeQ, this is my kind of forum… I’ve been doing what I called “Stitch and Bitch” for many fine years. My sister was quite annoyed because she taught me how to cross stitch, I called it Stitch and Bitch and by the fourth project I was doing it better than her and she had been doing it for years. Oh well, I am a quick study, what can I say? A few years ago instead of giving Christmas gifts I made chunky zipper up cardigans for each member of the family. There were 10 of them, plus one lace baby dress. I started in June and finished Christmas Day. It was a bit rushed at the end. It was really a fun time, NOT. I didn’t knit for nine months after that. I think I bit off far more than I could chew. However, I did finish… JUST.