Knit Twisted

I’m making my first felted bag. It says pick up and knit twisted 16 stitches? What does that mean? Put the needle through the back of the stitch I pickup?

That’s how I would read it.

Are you making the booga bag??? If so, when I did it I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to twist the stitches, so I just picked them up as usual and it worked out fine. I was a new knitter at the time, now I think I’d know better, but in that case, and since it was a felted bag, it didn’t make any difference.

When I did my booga, I twisted the stitch above the one I picked up. By the way there is a booga thread out there somewhere that Ingrid found for me when I had exactly the same question. I am pretty sure that I read at the time that it doesn’t matter all that much if you don’t twist the stitch at all. Have fun. I’ve made two so far and my wife and friend really like them :thumbsup: