knit toddler sweater

i am fairly new to knitting .i have knit sweaters for myself and my grand daughter before. well as she grows I would like to knit her a new sweater. I have found one that is a basic pull over sweater. top down. raglan sleeves which I prefer. my question is, can I add cables to the sleeves and on the body of the sweater without altering the size. my reason for this is I want to try cables on a sweater, but I can’t find a pattern for one that is fairly easy. and I have searched till my eyes hurt. I have been practicing cables on swatches for a while, and would like to add them to a sweater. any help would be great thank you in advance

Sure. Just be aware that cables, like ribbing, pull in. So you could knit a swatch with and without cables and see what the size difference is.

thank you. I will practice that for a bit…