Knit to Quit

I’m not a smoker myself but I saw this in Simply Knitting and thought it might be of interest to any knitters who are trying to quit :slight_smile:


I don’t know how well it works but it’s certainly an interesting pattern!


You’d have to be pretty damned desperate to light one of those up! :ick:

I just hope that some poor, nicotine-deprived, beggar gasping for a fag doesn’t make a mistake:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Cruel, I call it. :evil:

Yours, in a huff and puff,
(selling seashells)


I suppose you could use some of the hemp fiber yarn.

Interesting pattern for a child’s toy about 40 years ago when people weren’t up in arms over such things, like shredded jerky chewing tobacco, candy cigarettes and bubblegum cigars.

But I think the pattern itself would only serve as a reminder to someone trying to quit and knit/crochet hasn’t done anything to cut my smoking down.

At least with hemp there might be some sort of buzz! :teehee:

Yep, I’d be reminded and don’t need that. And although it’s a cute, novel idea, I don’t like the idea of knitting as a crutch. Knitting, to me, is a relaxing and enjoyable avenue that I very much reserve for my personal pleasure.

Nope, this sure would not work for me! I knit for a couple of hours and then go and have a smoke. I can’t see sitting knitting a cigarette pack or a cigarette because that would remind me of what I was trying to forget while I was knitting. Thanks, but no thanks!

Cute idea but it wouldn’t do for me. I quit in May and it is bad enough that my dh still does smoke.
I get a lot of looks when I say I don’t smoke anymore. It is his smoke on me :waah: oh well still it is a cute idea just not for me.

I agree, bad idea here. I quit smoking in August, and took up knitting in November because I needed something to do with my hands, but the last thing anyone needs when they are trying to quit is a reminder that they are “being deprived.” Now I think the idea in general is good, but the pattern they chose is the problem.

Yeah, I wouldn’t call that the best idea for people trying to quit…I would be that person so desperate I’d try to light one up! HA! I think the best thing is just to try to avoid the thought altogether, not keep reminding yourself!

Now I don’t know about the ciggy pack thingy and it being a good idea to help one quit n all that. But, wouldn’t the pack itself make a cute little bangle purse for your cellphone or i-pod???:figureditout:

:roflhard: OOOOhhh pass us a fag:roflhard: