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Thank you for the nice words. I’m crabby this morning and that really cheered me up.


Hi, Suz! :waving:

Glad to hear it! I come from “crab” country so I can relate to that! :roflhard: Except the crabs around here get steamed with Old Bay Seasoning and Beer!



Crabs, did I hear some say they had steamed crabs? I need a trip to Kent Island. There is a hotel within walking distance of a crab house. Pick crabs and drink beer for a couple of hours and you don’t have to worry about driving home, just weaving back to the hotel.

I can feel the Old Bay in the cuts on my fingers from picking crabs. :waah: :waah: :waah: not from the salt in the cuts, it has just been to long since my last good crab feast.


Oh my gosh! Another crabaholic!!! And in dire need of a crab feed!!!

The best crabs around here usually can be found this month and even next month. They’re nice and fat, having escaped the crabbers all season. But once they’re in a crabaholic’s clutches…

Here’s hoping you get your crab feed soon! :o)



YIKES! I’m sorry I said anything. I really don’t want to be steamed in beer. I promise to be more cheerful in the future. :roflhard:


I read this [I]whole[/I] thread over the last couple days. THANK you to everyone who posted. I picked up a couple GREAT tips. :yay: :cheering: :muah:

Most of my tips were already posted, but I have a few that weren’t expressly covered:

  1. When putting my work down or throwing it into my project bag to go, I wrap a rubber band around the pointed ends of the needles so my work can’t slip off. If you’re using straight needles (I use circulars for [I]everything[/I]) this will also prevent you from losing a needle or having to dig for it. If you’re using DPNs I would just use a DPN holder or point protectors. I’m totally paranoid about this esp. since I use super slippery needles.

  2. I love to find new uses for old objects. I use a retainer case to hold my necessities that I keep with my current WIP (yes, I only have 1 at a time on the needles). It holds a rubber band, retractable measuring tape, yarn needles, st markers, a row counter, lifeline floss, small fold up scissors, knit picks keys, safety pins, and tiny butterfly clips. I just added a bobby pin last night thanks to someone else’s tip!

  3. I would suggest not only learning to read your sts, but learn different ways to knit like Portuguese and Combination (eastern uncrossed). You may find one of these ways is less taxing or faster. You also don’t get rowing out with Combination knitting. My knits and purls are the same tension and purls are just as quick and easy as knit sts.

  4. I have a set of Knit Picks Options and Denise interchangeables. I couldn’t live without them. There are some sizes and cord lengths offered in each that aren’t offered in the other, so between the 2 I have everything covered. Plus if I need a second set of the same size/length at the same time I have it. I like to knit 2 identical objects (sleeves, etc) at the same time on separate needles to avoid tangling.

  5. Take full advantage of KH, YouTube, and the knitting chart maker by Jacquie ( I’ve learned so many new techniques, had SO many questions answered, and started designing my own cables with these indispensible sites. :woohoo:

  6. I also crochet. I had a mini Maglite flashlight that came in a hard case. I took out the plastic insert that cradled the flashlight and it’s the perfect size to hold [I]all[/I] my hooks!

Happy :knitting:


:waving: Hi!

I’m so glad you took the time to read all the tips! Aren’t they awesome? This is such a knowledgeable group and so generous in their willingness to share!

Your tips are excellent, too! I was just doing a Fair Isle sample piece to practice the technique (it’s a small bag!) and thought I’d use it to make a traveling accessories kit to keep in my to-go project bag. You reminded me of some of the things that need to go in it. Thanks!

Happy knitting, Amy,

Ruthie :knitting:


Rowing out? I’ve heard that with combination knitting on st st, both sides of the st are the same instead on one side being more verticle. Is this what you’re referring to?


Hi, Jax! Your advice is worth a LOT more than 2 cents! I have no little ones to disturb my knitting, but I manage to “disturb” it all the time! So just yesterday I bought a large rectangular lined straw bag to tuck things away in when I’m not knitting. I’ve been forever having to get my DH to move the sofa so I can retrieve needles, stitch markers, etc. Not any more! Thanks.


Hi Gertie,
Rowing out has to do with uneven tension. Here’s a picture and a better explanation than I can give:



I just joined because I am stuck on an baby afghan project and I cannot even figure out how to ask my question. So here goes. I am knitting a Noah’s Ark afghan that includes knitted animals and the ark to apply to the afghan once it is finished. The instructions simply say to sew them on using the picture as a guide. But sew it on with what? What do you guys feel would be the best to secure them with making the afghan look ugly?


Hi Bonnie,
I would try using a single or double ply of the yarn I knit with or that the blanket base is made of. You didn’t say what yarn you use and I haven’t seen the pattern, so I really can’t give a better answer. You could also try asking in the HELP forum and starting a new post with your basic question in the title and include a link to the pattern (if one is available) and the yarn you’re using. The more info you give, the more helpful we can be!
Good luck! I’ll bet your blanket is adorable!


Hello guys! I have just started knitting and I’d like to knit a jumper. My size is S. ( in American 2) and I don’t know how to start it. So can you tell me the length etc? so the sizes? thanks so much!!


A “jumper” translates to “sweater” in the U.S. right? :slight_smile: Just making sure. You mean a pullover sweater/jumper, rather than one with buttons down the front.

OK…since you’re new at knitting, and BTW, KUDOS :cheering: to you for jumping right in…no pun intended :teehee:

So…do you mind, or prefer seaming the pieces or would like to do it in 1 piece? Top down or bottom up? Bottom up and seamed is usually done for a first jumper simply because it’s knit flat rather than in the round.

Don’t let these questions bog you down, I’m just thinking out loud.

Are you on Ravelry yet, that’s a perfect way to search for patterns. The pattern will say something like:

[B]XS [S, M, L, XL]
Bust measurement: 30 [32, 34, 38, 40][/B]

So you will know which one to make for yourself based on your bustsize. If you’re a size 2, then probably the XS (in my example above).

I searched Ravelry for the highest rated, knitted flat sweaters, rated “easy” for beginners, go here to see the results. If you need help, PM me here or on Ravelry. :wink:


Thank you for your help Arielluria!! actually I’m from Hungary, but I thought I’d give the sizes in European and in American too:D And yes jumper is sweater:D ok so my English is not perfect I mean I can speak English quite well but how do you mean Top down or bottom up , and seamed?:aww: can you post a pic about these ?

aah now I feel disappointed, because it’s harder than I thought:( and I don’t even know how to do circular knit… aaaah:wall: :cry: :help: :frog: :waah:


Nicky10 even those of us that were born and raised in America do not speak English as well as many who have English as a second language. Add in local usage and special words it can be very confusing.

Your English is excellent.

Top Down - knit from the collar down
Bottom up - knit from lower edge of the sweater up toward the collar.
Seamed - knit in pieces front, back, left and right selves and then joined (seamed) at the edges. Join the front of the sweater to the back by sewing a seam along the edges.

No it is not harder than you think, once we are all using the same terms in the same way it all comes down to a lot of knit and purl stitches put together in a pattern.

I do not know if these videos are any good (videos are blocked at work) eHow to knit a sweater.


Do NOT be disappointed, it really isn’t hard. I made THIS sweater for my mom just about 4 months after I started knitting seriously. It’s knit flat. No big deal! ;o) I was only asking so that I could do my search for your skill level. The link I gave was for sweaters knit flat.

It’s the Textured Cotton Chenille Sweatshirt by Jeanne Bauer or for my project page on Ravelry, click here.

BTW, your English is VERY good :wink:


Thank you guys for the kind words and thank you for the explanation!cacunn thanks for the videos I’ll watch all of them! Arielluria that pullover is very nice!! You did an awesome job! And I’d like to thank you for the link, it’s great:) Ok so I will use all of the links and I’ll try to knit my pullover ! thank you guys again! you helped me a lot!


hello again! Can somebody tell me how to change colors when knitting? or show me a good video? I watched some videos but I don’t really understand:S thank you!


What kind of color knitting are you doing - strips or mixed colors?