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I just joined, and spent the last couple of days perusing the wonderful hints and tips. Then I went back to my sock project and getting my row count mixed up–so I went to the bead store and made a pair of row counters! Thanks for the GREAT idea!


Edited to add: I tried to post a picture and to quote the original poster, but I can’t do that on my very first post. Ah well.


Welcome AniseRN! :hug:


Welcome! KH is the BEST site!


When working with multiple balls of yarn, use butterfly hair clips to keep the ones you aren’t using from unwinding and getting tangled while you’re working with one of the others. Just grab a few strands, including the end you’re pulling from.


I am such a bag lady that I have different projects in all those tote bags I can’t resist when I am shopping. I have a clear zippered bag with shelves in it hanging in my spare room’s closet and each shelf has a future project, directions and the name of the person I intend to make it for. When I finish one project, I just go get the next shelf down. Sometimes I switch up the shelves if I need something earlier. I think there are some [B]great[/B] tips on here and I am glad some one thought to do this. Now the dilema is do we print them out everyday or will they stay on here forever? Hmmmm…
Thanks to everyone who has contributed! Yah for knitters!:x:


I only read to page 11, so don’t know if this tip was offered already, but here goes:

When I knit socks, I buy 2 sets of 4 needles, so I can cast on and knit both socks at the same time. eg. when one cuff is completed, I put that sock down and begin the second cuff. This way both cuffs come out the same length, and also: the toes will be the same colors (if I want them that way), cuz I use a different ball on each needle set.

It also helps me to remember how to do…cuz once I’ve mastered a heel (for instance), I can immediately do the second heel and not have to learn it all over again.

AND it avoids SSS (second sock syndrome).

Soon I will try the toe-up socks and will need 4 circular needles for it!


And since I have 2 granddaughters I always have hairclips around!


You can do toe-up with double points, I prefer circulars, but DPs will work.


I keep the yarn long term projects, like sweaters and afghans in plastic coffee cans with a slit cut in the lid and pull the yarn from there. Since I have dogs and cats and kids and a husband, none of whom have any respect for my yarn, it keeps out hair, sticky fingers, spilled coffee/coke/milk and is very easy to clean up when company comes over. When I am going to the doctor, I slip a can with the project into a tote bag and I have something to do while I wait… and wait… and wait.


I was just thinking - would it be a good thing to have a “mannequin’s foot” (like used to display a shoe ) for a handy sock knitting guide.
Would be able to see how it was coming along and how close to finishing the toe area? Has anyone ever tried this? maybe I will start scouting the antique/old stuff stores. Write back if you have
come up with something. The “drying/shaping” item sold in LYS would not do the same thing. Love making socks (still new at it)!


My questions is 1) why buy what is at the end of your leg? and would any commercially available “mannequin foot” really match your foot?

I do like idea of displaying some of my socks on “mannequin feet.”


Shandeh mentioned some time ago that she uses a music stand to support her patterns, also that she’s an English knitter like me. How fast must one knit when every stitch and article is knit with love? I’m a musician and I’ve given my music stands to grandbabies whom I’ve taught to play various instruments, so now, in order to escape a pain in the neck I use an old picture holder that works for holding most patterns and pattern books. You can use a cookbook holder, although they’re rather pricey. Get a plate holder at the $1 store and it’ll work. You can put it on a table and see a pattern upright without straining your neck. Not a grand idea but maybe helpful.


My tip is from my high school teacher in crafts:

you know when needles (metal) get “non-gliding”? and the stitches just won’t move? Sometimes it is the yarn, most likely sweaty fingers are the problem.

Well, take the needle and rub it over your scalp (under the hair) for a few seconds. CAREFUL! it DOES have a pointy end or two!

The natural “wool fat” you provide helps perfectly! It is logical but still surprising when you hear it first.

Does anyone else do it? Do you get funny looks in public?


I even use this technique on needlepoint needles when they need a little extra glide. If your hair isn’t oily enough a sheet of waxed paper to rub the needles with works great, too. I save cereal bags for the waxed paper in them. (((HUGS)))Verna


When fly fishing I will rub the one end of a multi-piece rod along the side of my nose to pick up some oil. It makes it easier to separate the rod section at the end of the day. I wonder if this would also work for knitting needles. A little oil and then spread it along the needle with my finger tips?


the nose trick works, too. But I was afraid, someone would poke themselves in the eye!
And I think, the hair trick works a little better.
Real oil I would hate to be on my stitches. And it will probably rub off too soon.


Why do you think my avatar’s eyes are crossed? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

  1. (This can be useful:blooby: ) I like knitting in the air especially in summer, but the weather is sunny :hot: and your fingers become [B]sweaty[/B], especially when you use wool yarn. I accidentally found out that regular sanitizer can help that problem for quite a long time.

  2. (For those who have little girl friends;) ) One of my friends has a daughter of about 7 years old, who can not knit. Most time we meet at the lake near the forest. If you like to work in the open air, you know that the yarn may sometimes be on the ground, you have to pull the thread out of the yarn. But if you have someone interested in how you are kneetting, she always can help you, and you both will be happy: you do not have problems and the girl make the first steps in knitting. Motivate people around you and they sure will help you;)

  3. (For those who get tired:frog: ) Some times I can end my project in a several months, why? Because I’m tired of it. The environment is changing you have more ideas… so just give you a break and you’ll see how fast you’ll finish it. You mind just like to do something special about yur project, but need time to think. Please, care about your creativity:balloons: , it is the most important thing in the project!


I’m working on a small, flat project using large circular needles. The nylon cable part kept getting in my way so I let it loop naturally behind my work and stuck a clip clothespin on it to weight it down. Works great! I’m guessing a large bead or clip-on earring would probably work, too.



That’s brilliant! And it really helps with an entrelac project I’ve been working on, knitting flat but using circs. Wowser! Thanks so much!

Ruthie :o)

PS - Great website! I just checked it out and it’s just grand! Love the graphics tips, am going back for more!