Knit til you quit shawl

Anyone ever make this?

I would like to knit this but frankly I suck at charts. And this one is easy! And I still don’t get it. So my question is this: So the chart looks like you CO one stitch but in the explanation it says to CO 3 stitches. So I should CO 3 sts right? So then it says on the first ws row to YO. So is the first row just knit 3? Then turn and YO and knit 3? Or am I knitting on the rs and purling on the ws?

OK so when I figure that one out, I YO at the beginning of every row and YO at the beginning of every RS row as well?

Thanks in advance for any help

The first paragraph below the charts explains that the chart is not quite right:

“[FONT=Arial]The beginning of the shawl, as charted, is not quite correct. Cast on 3 stitches. On the first [B]wrong[/B] side row, YO at the [B]beginning[/B] of the row and on each subsequent wrong side row after that and [B]not[/B] at the end of the right side row as charted. On the right side row, knit that last stitch. Start each right side row, however, with a YO as charted. You also might want to leave a little extra length of tail when you cast on so that you can go back and make a few loops to make the edging complete. This isn’t necessary if you don’t want to do it.”

I would CO 3 sts, purl them on the next row, and start the chart at row 3 (which may actually be row 2, but don’t worry about that). However, since it’s easier to do a YO at the start of a row, ignore them at the ends of the rows on the chart, and do them before you begin the WS rows.