Knit through the back loop?

Hi. I’m a self taught knitter (who’s seriously considering taking a class), but any way, I’m working on what seems like a fairly simple pattern: Row 1 - Knit. Row 2 - Knit through the back loop.

What exactly does that mean? Aren’t you always going through the back when you knit?

Knitter Perplexed.

It depends how you knit, some people knit through the back loop normally. But to explain, each stitch has a front leg and back leg (loop). Most of us knit through the front leg so knitting through the back twists the st. You may be wrapping your purls the other direction and automatically knit in the back leg to keep the stitch from being twisted. Look at the videos on knitting and purling, and see if that’s how you make your knit and purl sts, or if you do them a different way.

Minnie, I had the same question just a few weeks ago when I joined this forum. I did all my projects knitting thru the back loop. I have now changed my techniqu to knitting thru the front loop.

Like you, I am self-taught, too. Maybe someone should tell the authors of all these books that the instructions aren’t very clear!!