Knit Three Together

I know how to knit three together, but struggle so to do it. I wondered if anyone has any tips for making it easier? I don’t think my guage is abnormally tight, or anything, but I’m afraid I’m going to wound myself at some point trying to do this!:doh:

Is there a trick? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

It helps to have looser stitches.

You can try using a skinny needle to slip in the 3, or you can knit 1, slip it back onto the left needle and pass the two next stithes over it and slip it back to the right.

Ingrid, I like that second idea - if it gives the same effect, that’s the one I’ll use! That’s exactly the kind of think I was looking for!:hug:

I slid my three stitches closer to the tip of the needle. I have done a looser stitch but it was still a bit of a struggle.

Many stitches are easier if you grab the knitting just below the needle and pull them down/away from the needle.

The stitches can also be loosened by slipping the RH needle into the bottom of the sts from the right (and wiggling the needle a little).

Thank you all so much!! I’m now in the process of frogging because I goofed up somewhere!! I’ll try all your suggestions on the next go-round!!