Knit the sky project

I saw this on the online weathernetwork site…someone’s blog suggested knitting two rows of a scarf, matching the colors of the sky each day. So, for a blue sky with white clouds, you’d hold a blue and a white yarn together, knit a row (or two?). Depending upon time of day too…if you want to try some sunset colors.
Here’s the link:

It does sound like fun. I think I"d want to do a lap blanket instead of a scarf, because I don’t like scarves knit in all garter stitch…too scratchy.

and I wonder how time-of-day could be determined? Would participants pick a certain time of day to knit? Cuz the sky changes all day long here…

Here in the Seattle area I’d need shades of gray! Actually when we do have blue sky it’s a beautiful blue and when it’s a lovely blue with big white fluffy clouds it can be absolutely stunning. It took someone coming up from California to help me appreciate our sky here, she’d just sit and look out the window because, as she said, it was always changing.

If you’d prefer an afghan, why not? You could pick your sky colors and make them up in any pattern, why limit yourself to garter stitch? Take your inspiration from what they’re doing but do your own thing.

I’ve wanted to try working a skyscape in Tunisian crochet to use as a wall hanging or pillow top or something. I could do that while you do your afghan! We could have a “The Sky’s the Limit” thing going.

What if your region is under a high pressure system almost all the time and ALL you have is blue skies?

Of course, as slow as I knit, I could wait and wait and wait and wait until it finally starts changing.

Nifty idea, though. Thanks for sharing!

That is a great idea! On the Flickr page they show mostly blues and grays and some used squares, one looks a little like feather and fan. You could also use multiple times of day or say just 9am or 6 pm. Some used one row stripes and some used larger stripes. Really, the sky’s the limit. :teehee: