Knit the Knits and Purl the Purls


this is awesome, I am a begginer and am knitting a Christmas stocking. Starts with ribbing k2 p2. I know how to do this after much practice but on row 2 do I start by p2 k2 and then row 3 would be k2 p2, alternating the start of each with knit then start next row with purl?

thanks, carol


It depends on how many sts you have. When you begin row 2 (and all the following rows), look at the first st. If it looks like a knit, knit it; if it looks like a purl, purl it.


I guess my real question is that the pattern calls for 8 rows of ribbing casting on 60 st. So if I start the row with knitting and end the 60 stitch with purling then I begin row 2 with knitting if that is what the stitch above it is or if it looks like purling then I purl, I am confused


Another way to put this is should all the knit stitches line up row after row and all the purl stitches line up row after row and this is what creates the ribbing?


If you do k2 p2 ribbing on 60 sts and turn it to do the next row, then you do that in k2 p2 also. If you’re working in the round, then the 2nd round will also be k2 p2. After you do a couple of rows it may be easier to see the knits and purls. And yes, that lines up the knit sts over the knit sts and makes ribbing.


Thanks so much, that makes perfect sense!


What helps me to recognize the purls from the knits is if I’m working in stockinette stitch, and I can see the right side of the work while it’s hanging to the right on my needle, it needs to be knit. If I can see the right side of the work hanging to the left side of my needle, it needs to be purled.

[COLOR=“Red”][B]<<<<<<<<< This needs to be knit, because the right side of the work is facing up while sitting to the right of the needle.[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=“Red”][B]<<<<<<<<< This needs to be purled, because the right side of the work is facing up while sitting to the left of the needle.[/B][/COLOR]


Hello everyone:

well today i have been watching the video of the knit stitch and after i put it though the first step and try to go to the second part the yarn is coming off???

what am i doing wrong?



Are you knitting [I]into[/I] the stitch rather than between 2 sts?


I agree with Suzee. It sounds like you are putting the needle in between the stitches, instead of THROUGH the stitch on the needle. You need to pull the yarn through the first loop on your needle. You’re pulling loops through loops.



I thought i was pulling the needle though, and now they come off the needle and i thought i was not it did not manner which needle, boyle and was un michaels over the weekend and so some were wood, others were plastic.

I will have to go though the web video again which i always have it on when i am doing this, I was trying the English method because it seemed like i was able to handle the needles and yarn better




Maybe the still pictureshere and illustrations herewill be better for you than a video. Those pages also have videos which could show it from a different perspective for you. It doesn’t matter which needles you use, what’s important is how you insert the R needle into the stitch on the L needle, wrapping the yarn, and pulling it through the old stitch.


Lisa, it sounds like you are pulling the yarn through IN BETWEEN the stitches that were on the needle.

You [U]should[/U] be pulling the yarn THROUGH THE LOOP of each stitch on the needle.

You need to insert the empty needle INTO the first loop on the needle, wrap the yarn around, and pull it through that loop. Then, carry this stitch over to the other needle. Next, move onto the next loop, doing the same thing.

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Dear Sue and Sandy:

I looked at your you tube, and i realized that I was doing, that, kinda new the first time I did so I did two rows of knit stitch does not look great so now that i watched your youtube I am not going to practice again before I go to the next step.




Thank you, I just saw this in a pattern and was confused.

how does it work for circular knitting ? thank you Lilly1


Hi Lilly, If you are following a pattern that is written for circular knitting, and the pattern says, “knit the knits and purl the purls”, you will read the stitches just like we described here.

But, if you are CHANGING a straight knitting pattern to circular instead, you will have to do things differently. You’ll learn by practice, and by seeing the stitches form correctly. So, just give it a try, and see how it works.


A rib pattern should work out the same if you knit the knits and purl the purls whether you work it flat or in the round.


Hello. I’ve recently discovered that Moss and Seed are not the same. I’ve been reading for months that the two are interchangeable. I learned just yesterday that they are not. Although similar they are different row by row. I just ripped back a project that was giving me grief because I was doing a seed stitch when I should have been doing a moss stitch. That being said I would like to get an idea how to fix my stitches if I’ve knit or purled when I should have done the opposite. Does that make sense? There is a video here on fixing dropped stitches which is a great video, (love them all here) but I guess I need to see exactly what I need to do to fix that kind of mistake. I never realized how much of a visual learner I am until I started knitting! Thanks all! :grphug:


They’re only similar in that they alternate the knit and purl sts, but they vary row by row. To fix a wrong st, knit till you’re over it, then drop the stitch down to where it’s wrong, then make it a knit or purl whatever it needs to be by pulling the loose strand of yarn through the loop on the correct side. Then bring the st up through the rest of the strands, probably turning it from side to side as you do since it may be easier to do the knit side.


I am brand new to knitting and my knit and purl stitches look the same even though I had my working yarn in back for the knit and in front for the purl. They all have the “bump”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:aww: