KNIT! the book


I’m Lou, new to this forum. I’m a very occasional knitter, but joined this forum because I am searching for a book.

Years ago I was at a music festival somewhere outside Chicago, and talked to a woman who was wearing a sweater I really liked. I asked her about it, and she said she made it using a pattern from a book called KNIT! The sweater was asymmetrical looked so simple and elegant but easy to make. We laughed over the fact that there was a companion book called PURL!

Every time I think of knitting I think of this book, and never can find it, online or in any library.

Anybody heard of it and know how I can get a copy (or just that one pattern!)

Thanks so much!!


Have you tried secondhand bookstores? There are large ones like The Strand in NYC.

Thanks, Salmonmac. Yes, I’ve checked online and at a lot of used books stores. As you can imagine, a search for KNIT reveals many, MANY books on knitting, but none with this exact title or subject: a whole book featuring ONLY simple knit stitch!

Hmm, not exactly the same title but could this be it? It’s based on knit stitches only - and there’s a companion book based on purl stitches! And another about colour knitting. All by Sally Melville. Unfortunately I didn’t get a Look Inside option to see if there was a pattern like the one you described in your OP.

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That really looks like it! I’ve gone ahead and ordered one! Thanks so much, LOU


Yay! Hopefully it’s the right one then :blush:

I got the book, and it IS the right one! YAY! Thanks so much for the tip. Now to start knitting…


That’s great news! Enjoy!

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Salmonmac, do you see what I see on the cover of that book? It’s a Dr Who scarf!

And even continued on the spine and maybe back cover? Maybe a daughter of Dr. Who. Well spotted.

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