Knit tbl with Combined Knitting

I learned how to knit using the combined method, plus I’m left handed… So learning new tricks is hard. How do I knit tbl when I’m already knitting through the back loop in the combined knitting manner?? I’ve been trying to figure this out for several days, but can’t think of how it’s any different from what I’m already doing. Please help me!

If you’re already knitting tbl, wouldn’t knitting through the front loop be the opposite of that? Mind you–I have absolutely no knowledge of combined knitting–this is just a thought on the nature of the stitches.

Yes…I’ve thought of that too. But that’s how you purl. Through the front loop, putting me in the same boat of “what’s the difference?”… Really starting to wish I’d learned how to knit some other way…

From what I know, combined is knitting on the same side, but going back and forth? So your knits are through the back loop and your purls are through the front loop?

How about a ktbl might look like a purl tbl in regular knitting. Enter the stitch through the back loop going left to right instead of right to left.

Did you know there’s a video on combined knitting and a link to more info?