Knit sweater

I am new to knitting. I am learning to knit by seeing you tube. I crochet since last 5 years. Knitters normally put video of knit cardigan or sweater pattern. But how to shape neck and arm hole. Nobody gives this help. Can you please help of I show the pattern video.

What is the name of your pattern?
You can post a couple of rows that are giving you a problem if you’d like. Don’t post large portions of the pattern due to copyrights, however.

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I can make out that it is a pattern stitch used for a sweater. The image appears to show a Hindi language video by ‘knit with me’ on youtube.
Here is an English language version I found.


Thank you. Will try in small sample. I will try. Just needed some idea how neck is shaped.

Thanks. I have to use this! Maybe a pillow.

While there are plenty of ways to make sweaters I find top down raglan to be the most easy one to do. If you have not begun making a sweater yet, maybe this could be something for you. I think you should be able to find several videos about it on youtube. Here is my current work in progress:


(It is difficult to see from the picture but I have actually shaped the neck hole so the back side is several cm wider than the front side.)

For a top down raglan you need to know these things:

  • Cast on (both for the neck ribbing and for the armpits. I would use a provisional cast on for the armpits so I get a completely seamless join)
  • Knit and purl stitches to form the ribbing and for the optional next step
  • Optionally short rows for making the back of the neck hole a bit higher than the front. I did use it even though it is not visible in my picture.
  • Increases (which are made on both side of the markers)
  • Decreases for the arms
  • Cast off for both the bottom of the sweater and the arm cuffs

Very helpful and encouraging. I am happy to be part of this community. I have ordered for circular needles. Will surely make. Have a fair idea as made top down sweaters I. Crochet.

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I crocheted before I learned to knit. The construction of a top down sweater is pretty much the same for both. You’ll do great! You might use the stitch pattern from the video in you sweater. It would easiest I think to use it after you get to the body, below the armholes. You’ll just need to have the right number of stitches for the repeats. That we can definitely help you with, and with changing the pattern to knitting in the round. There are free patterns for top down raglans as well as many videos to help. You can always ask questions here too.


I find top down raglan the easiest too. I learned on youtube how to do circular knitting, choosing Magic Loop. I’d used straight needles for years. I was so nervous to do a sweater ITR but I’ve been a member of Bluprint (yes, no e in it) and they have a fantastic step by step tutorial video class for My First Top Down Sweater. great name. It was absolutely the best video class ever and my sweater came out happily the way it’s supposed to come out :smiley:

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