Knit Surgery

There’s nothing quite like finally reaching the end of a knitting project, only to discover that part of it needs to be re-done. The band on this hat needs to be knit with smaller needles so that it’s bit tighter, so I’m doing some knit surgery. I was honestly scared to death that I’d mess up the whole thing, but it appears to be working!

Thank goodness for TECHknitting!

An endlessly useful resource! I just used the “length reassignment surgery” on a sweater that badly needed it.

Whoa! You’ll have to share the before and after!

Yes, do share before and after shots.

I will! I’m still pretty shocked that I made the cut without destroying the work! I’ve tried this before. I was working on a houndstooth scarf, and tried to cut apart and graft back together to fix a mistake…and I made it so much worse. I think I understand how to do this much better now, though. Obviously!

So the knit surgery went okay…but then I noticed some obvious mistakes! There are more on the other side, too!

This is one of my own designs, and I was rushing through the knit so that I could get my pattern posted. Looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer, so I can re-knit it. Sigh…

:hair: Back to work for me! So much for an easy fix. :frog:

Surgery went well! Looks like a wonderful design.