Knit Stitch problems. HELP!

when i knit there is a long string hanging between the needles and then when i am finished with the first row there is a big wad of extra string between the last two stitches and i have no idea how to get rid of it!

That’s from your cast on and you probably did the backward loop, because it always leaves extra yarn. Try a knit cast on instead.

where do i learn that.
i am very new at this

Click on the Videos tab at the top of the page for Cast on and there’s several to choose from. The knitting on is toward the bottom and is an easy one to do.

i will try that one, but i have tried other methods and it does the same thing…

Then take a look at the Knit st video too. Perhaps you’re not tightening up the yarn. It doesn’t have to be tight, just not so loose the needle will fall out of it.

And speaking of needles, make sure your’s isn’t too large for the yarn. That can make loose loopy stitches.

Also, Not that you are
dont pull your needles apart after each stitch
(like going from ^ to \ /) this DOES tighten up the stitch that might look a bit sloppy
but it can make ur work a lot more wonky in the end
took me forever to get my 10yo to stop doing that
and I remember doing it on a couple of my earlier projects

happy knitting

I definitely catch myself doing that a lot… :fingerwag: