Knit stitch help

I followed the WONDERFUL videos and got continental cast on (long tail) very easily and quickly. I then moved on to the next movie and it shows her starting in a little bit after the first row. My question is, where did her long tail go? I dont know what to do with it. If I need to weave it in she didnt show how. HELP PLEASE!

You don’t really need to do anything with it for now. I use the long-tail cast on and I loop the tail around two fingers a few times then wind the yarn around itself and secure the end. That way I have a nice neat little ball/blob instead of a dangling tail. Later, when you’ve finished your work, you’ll weave it in.

I usually knit the tail and the working yarn both into the first few stitches. Then I just drop the tail and continue with the working yarn. You can then just clip off the tail later. Sometimes I’ll still weave it in a bit, just because I’m paranoid!

Here’s a video that shows what I do watch the first one “Demo of a small project”

The tail just sits there. Fold it up and the tie it (loosely) to itself. Make sure you don’t wrap the tail around the needle!! It’s easier to just fold it up so that you make sure you don’t. Hope this helped!