Knit Socks! by Betsy Lee McCarthy GOOD?

HI all,

I want to try my first pair of socks. Thought this book seemed good for a beginner . (This is the lil book shaped like a sock).

Anyone have this book?? If so, were the patterns easy to follow? Any other sock book recommendations or sock patterns for beginners? Tips? I just want to knit a simple, basic sock.

I’ve already been all over the net and seen a zillion sock patterns. WHEW! LOL! :shifty:

Thanks in Advance! :thumbsup:

I have not seen the book you mention, but I’m finishing my very first sock from a pattern I found on the net. Find a pattern you love and jump in and follow the pattern. You’ll be surprised that it does actually work out. Blind trust I guess :smiley: Socks are fun.

Monday I did receive the Cat Bordhi book Socks Soar on Two Circular needles and can’t wait to try her technique, as much fun as DPNs are (yes they really are fun to use). want to see how much faster the socks work up on two circs. :XX: :XX:

Go for it!!! Let us know how it goes. :thumbsup:

Thx for your input!!

LOL! I ended up buying the bk. Then going to Joann’s to buy the yarn. Come to find out the yarn I needed they didn’t carry. Then came across a free pattern for socks by Lion Brand on display inside Joann’s. Grabbed that pattern bought all the yarn I wanted and the dpn’s. Then LOL went back to return the Knit Socks! book. I just wanted a basic sock to knit for my family. So…the lil Lion Brand pattern was there waving to me, “knit me, knit me…” :happydance:

Yep, socks seem like they’ll be alot of fun to do. Fast to knit up (hopefully) and satisfaction when they’re complete. :thumbsup:


Hi. I just got permission from the owner of this tutorial to post it. If you want to learn how to knit a basic sock, this tutorial is GREAT! Lots of pictures.

Hope this helps someone.

WOO HOO!!! Thank’s a TON!!! :cheering:

KNITBIT :XX: (Socks here I come…)

Twiggyann, that site looks fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing it! :smiley:

Yeah…after hearing Hilde bash Mark’s Sock Boot Camp, Im gonna try that tutorial for my first socks, too!

I used those directions for my first (and only so far) socks and I’d only knitted a scarf prior to that. Silver aimed it for brand newbies so some of it may be a little too basic for you, but I like that nothing is taken for granted. You should have seen me. I had two browsers open. One with the sock tutorial and then I kept looking at Amy’s videos to see an SSK and a K2tog. After I finish these felted slippers I’ll be working on another pair of socks.

hehe I didn’t bash it!!! I’m the one who discovered it and suggested we all do it… then I bashed DPNs and any projects that need them :smiley: I’ve decided to only use dpns when I can start on circulars first!

That’s a great tutorial. Showed the sock to my DD and much to my surprise, she wants me to knit her a pair!!! :XX: Ah to the yarn store for needles!!!

knitty gritty on DIY network just had on someone with sox also. It was pretty helpful if you can find it. They also have parts of it online with video here:,2046,DIY_18180_36323,00.html

Kemp, I see on that link you gave that they will be airing that show again at the following dates and times!

[b]April 10, 2005
4:30 PM Eastern

April 27, 2005
3:00 PM Eastern

Hi everyone…I’m one of those knitters that is ADDICTED to socks!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: love, love, love to knit socks!! I started in Jan. and have done 11 or 12 pairs. I do socks from the cuff down, I want to try toe up next, lots of people seem to prefer it. I use dpns, and I enjoy using them…and I have all that I need in several different sizes for doing socks in tandem…I watched amy’s video on doing socks on 2 circs (thanks, amy…cleared that up!)…then I decided that I’d better not try bc if I love it…I’d have to buy many circs…gosh, yes…I do ramble :oops:
Anyway…all that said to say…I’m working on an afghan for a wedding gift and after that I want to do socks…so perhaps we can start another sock KAL. I just got several skeins of natural wool sock yarn from knitpicks this past saturday and I can HARDLY wait to begin dyeing and knitting…dyeing and knitting socks…dyeing and knitting socks…gotta love it :smiley: