Knit so it fits patterns

I just came across this website:

They have patterns where they have the basic layout done, but you are given the information needed to customize it to make it fit you (or the measurements of whoever you’re making it for).

Has anyone ever tried one of their patterns? This sound really cool.

There are also pattern generators at and where you put in your gauge and the size you want and the patterns are customized for you. Most top down raglans are knit to fit, you start with the neck, do incs every other round until the yoke fits you to the underarm, then you split the sleeve sts and knit the body, go back to knit the sleeves. I haven’t used a pattern, but mostly make them up myself.

Totally unrelated, but I love the knitting meter! :slight_smile: That’s pretty funny. Can you get it to subtract for frogging? I might have knit negative miles so far this month! :teehee:

I’m knitting a top down raglan right now and doing the fit as you go thing. I am thin but tall and have broad shoulders, so I am going to have to add some stitches under the armpit to compensate. The last one I knit, I kept increasing the raglan to fit over my shoulders and ended up with too much room in the bust by about a mile! I could have smuggled some cantaloupes in that cardigan! :rofl:

Yes, it’s an easy way to alter a garment. If there’s too many sts for the bust, but okay on the sleeves, you can decrease sts on the underarm of the body. Or vice versa if you need more for the body, but the sleeves are fine, cast on a few sts at the underarm.

Hi, Suz and Marria! :waving:

Thanks for the great sites! Very thoughtful of you and very helpful to me!

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You don’t have to subtract for frogging because you still knit those stitches, didn’t you? :slight_smile:

If you want to get one for yourself, go to this site: