Knit Simple Cover Hat Pattern Winter 2009/10

This pattern requires that you knit in double seed stitch but states “do not slip marker on the following rnds”. My question is; how does one knit on circular needles, in pattern, without marking the beginning of each rnd?

Could you post the part of the pattern where it says that - the instructions just before and just after. Not the whole thing though…

You can knit in the round without marking the beginning of the round with a marker if you are at the beginning of a needle and there is a tail of yarn hanging down at the edge at that point or you put a safey pin or some other type of marker that you attach to the fabric at that point. But if they have had you place a beg of rnd marker and then tell you not to sl it for several rnds, something else is going on there. You can’t knit around a rnd with a marker and not slip it. Maybe they are having you work back and forth over some of the stitches instead of go all the way around in that section. That would be doing some short rows. Maybe there are other reasons this could be instucted. ??