Knit second side of scarf while connecting to first piece?

Sorry, this is a little hard to explain, but I finished one side of a scarf. There’s a rose pattern on it, and now I’m knitting the back side, which won’t have a pattern. My question is whether there is a way to sew together the first piece onto the second piece while I’m knitting it? Otherwise, I’ll have to knit the second piece alone and once it’s done, sew the two pieces together, which would take a while. It’d be much easier to be able to “graft” them together while knitting. Does anyone know a technique to do this, or understand what I’m trying to say? :sweat:

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What I would do (and have done on one of my own projects) is decrease by one, then pick up a stitch at each edge as you’re knitting the back. You can pick up along one of the ends as well to start if you like, but it would still be minimal sewing up if you didn’t.

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Next time do them both at the same time in a circular fashion & merely twist the yarns on each end to attach them to each other. You can also do double knitting. (which I define as reversible jacquard. The yarn moves between the sides such that front side background is the design color on the back & vice versa. – But Im old. Young knitters have redefined a lot of our older well-defined terms & things are nowhere near as clear as they used to be. )


I thought about double knitting, but that would make a pattern on both sides, when I only want the pattern on one side. But I definitely would use double knitting during a different project where I want the pattern on both sides.

I never heard of twisting the ends, but I guess it’s too late for that.

Not quite sure I understand, or would be able to do this with an edge pattern.

So you want an edge pattern on the back piece? It might be doable with the method I used, I can see it being a bit of a headache though - I was only working with plain stocking stitch.
What I did was something like cast on however many stitches I wanted, pick up a stitch from the opposite edge, then work the row, decrease by 1 at the end before picking up a stitch on the opposite edge, so that row was then joined to the other piece at both ends. I used DPNs, not sure if it would work with single points. The decreases were to keep the number of stitches consistent because I was picking up two stitches (one each end) on most rows (no decreases if I wasn’t picking any up).
This method would let you graft the back piece to the front as you knit it, however.
I’ll understand if you can’t picture what I’m saying, it’s harder to put into words than I expected! Might have to be something you try on some scrap pieces. Some things don’t make sense until you’re actually doing them.

What you describe is what we would call a Norwegian Jacquard. When I make Norwegian Jacquard (patterned on front side solid on the back). Im always carrying both colors. Using straight needles & the k1 sl1 method, I do the pattern on the front (EOS, facing you) and nothing but the solid in the back. Purl the back stitches (Every Opposite Stitich) with the reverse side. Tuck the non pattern color as you knit the background.

Im sure this is not obvious wording but I thought about it & cant think of a way to make it more clear. Maybe there is a video out in cyberspace. Try searching for 2 sided Norwegian Jacquard. Maybe the 2 norwegian guys have a vid about it?

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