Knit repair help needed for precious baby blanket

I washed my knitted baby blanket and one of the threads (see photo) ripped causing a gaping hole in it! I have leftover yarn that I can use to repair it, but I don’t know how to repair it. Can anyone help guide me?

I would love to help you but i am not sure i know enough about repairing as some of the more seasoned knitters can. I probably would remove that.particular square and redo it. Sorry i sm sure you will get an answer shortly. It is so pretty i am sure you will be able to repair it. :slight_smile:

This video may help with darning the hole. It’s a shame that this happened to such a lovely blanket. See if the video helps. Liat Gat is very good and clear.

Thankfully your pulled threads aren’t as serious as the example in the video but it may help as a guide.

I think the method in the video should work. It looks like only one or two stitches came loose. You should be able to repair it so it won’t ever be noticed except by you, maybe. Just make sure you have your new ends worked in really well. Please post another picture showing the fix.

I really like your blanket!

Oh nooos😭 were you able to fix it?

Hello! I am still trying to figure out how to fix it. I have watched one video and now about to watch the one above. Thanks to all for the compliments and help! I will keep you posted on how the fix goes. At the moment we have a bunch of to do’s going on, so I can’t get to it and it’s driving me crazy!! :smile: Although the fix seems simple the torn thread is throwing me off. Hopefully, this video will help me over the last video I watched. Keep you posted!

Sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to fix it yet. I think you will find the video thst salmonmac sent you easy to follow::slight_smile: