Knit quilt help

hey there folks, new here, just kind a quick question. i am going to be starting making some knit blanket/quilts. and i was hoping to get some help on how to figure out how big to make my squares. i w as thinking of doing either 3 or 4 inch squares, the blanket will eventually be 27x29 squares. problem is i cant find a pattern for a square that small. i’m sure i could just try and make one but i figured it would be easier if some one had already done this, and knew how many stitches to cast on and how many rows to do for each square. i was just going to keep it simple and do a stockinet pattern.

a lil back ground on me… im 26 and have been knitting for about 4 or 5 years know. ive conquered the basics… hats, scarves, and socks, i am currently working on a sweater which will take me some time. so i am just, kinda looking for something to work on when i get bored of working on the sweater, also its going to be a surprise for my wife; and yes im a guy:)


Hi and welcome to KH!
You’re right, typically the patterns are for larger squares. If you’re going to do smaller squares, it might be an idea to knit the blanket in strips, changing colors or stitches as you wish to mimic squares and then sewing the strips together. They’ll look like multiple squares but you won’t have to do so much of the dreaded sewing squares together.
Sizes and stitches to cast on will depend on the yarn and needles you’re going to use. i think a gauge swatch with your yarn and needles will probably be the best solution.

thanks salmonmac,doing strips could be an option, i would just have to carefully measure out each color change and strip to ensure that everything lined up correctly. my idea is to put an 8-bit video game character into the quilt pattern, and basically each square would represent 1 pixel of the character.

I see, novel idea. Now I understand why you would want relatively small blocks. I think to do it in strips would just mean keeping track of number of rows but if you don’t mind the stitching, squares will work.

And if you ever want to just make squares without knowing how many to cast on beforehand, you could make them corner-to-corner.

Start with one stitch and increase at the beginning of each row until you have the size you want for half the square and then decrease the first stitch of each row.

interesting idea, ive never heard of that, nor would i think of that on my own. might have to try this one… again do you know of a pattern? or tutorial on how to do this corner to corner process?

Search for ‘grandma’s favorite dishcloth pattern’. It’s basically the same, though it may CO 3 sts, and the increase might be a yo but the principle is the same. Ingrid already gave you the pattern.

thanks i did try out the dish cloth pattern but im just not sure if i like the look of it. my other idea was instead of doing 2 inch squares of one color i could do 4 inch squares, but these large squares would act as four individual squares in the pattern. so basically i would try to end up with a 4 inch square that could possibly have 3 to 4 different blocks of color in each. i am just thinking of trying to save time stitching all of the smaller squares together, especially where a lot of the times in the pattern i would have 3 or four of the same color touching. so imagine a checkerboard…

Red Black
Black Red

or even…

Red Black
Black White

any hints or videos that may help me with this? or am i just crazy?

Your idea of the 4inch squares is definitely do-able and it would save seaming lots of smaller squares. Have you graphed it out so that you can get an idea of the number of squares needed and how they might be combined into larger squares?