Knit question

On this pattern one row says: K4, *(K1B, K1) 9times. yfwd. K4. Sl1. K1. psso. K6. K2tog. K4. yfwd. Repeat from *5 more times more. K4

I know how to do YO, but how do I yfwd without adding another stitch. Thank you for your help

A yfwd followed by a knit is the same as yo. You want to add stitches since you have decreases to balance them.

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A yfwd would add a stitch. Does the next row have decreases in it?

It would help to know what the pattern is and add a link to it. If you can’t do that a few lines of the problem section and how many stitches you start and end with is helpful, too.

It’s supposed to add a stitch. The sl 1 k1 psso, and k2tog are decs and will offset the yfwd/yo.