Knit & Purl

Do I have to knit and pearl? I have the knitting down, but the pearl is giving me a hard time. I have started over six times now because when I have to start the pearl I mess it up.

Please Help!!

Well no, you don’t have to to learn to purl, but I do recommend it. It’s one of the two stitches used a lot in knitting. Just go slowly and you’ll get it. It just takes practice.

Have you watched the videos? Both english and continental shown here:

You can also try here if you like still photos. Two links one for english one for continental.

There are patterns that use only the knit stitch, but I think you’ll want more variety eventually. :wink:

Thanks so much!! I think I have it now. The video is VERY helpful!!

I replied to you in the Intro thread, this is what I wrote:

You can knit everything, but you will only be able to do garter stitch, unless you work in the round all the time. Just practice the knitting for a week or so, then you’ll get more comfortable with the needles and it’ll be easier. Then try purling. The yarn moves the same direction around the needle as the knit stitch, the only difference is you poke the R needle into the stitch from the back instead of the front. Do you knit with your yarn in the right or left hand?

Hang in there - keep practicing. It’s totally normal to not like purling at first.

Practice practice practice. I bet by the time my reply hits you’re already a pro at purling! :cheering: