Knit & purl


I’d be grateful of a bit of advice here:

My (very easy) pattern says:
Row 1: K4 P2 repeat to end
Row 2 (and all even rows): “knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches”

Does this mean my 2nd row should be K2 P4 etc? :oops:


Yes, you got it!

Oh, well 2nd time lucky then - I think I just tried the other way and it definitely didn’t look right. Thanks :wink:

Hey that’s ok. It just has some extra personality now. :mrgreen: hehe

On the back of every knit is a purl and vice versa. So if you end a row with a knit stitch and turn your work around, you’re now looking at a purl - the reverse of the knit that you just did. If you’re looking at a purl stitch, you will purl it and if you’re looking at a knit stitch you will knit it. Does that make sense?

Thanks that does make sense now (as much as anything does at 1am “I will just get this to look right before I go to bed!”)


Look at Amy’s video of this. It is very good. But basically you knit the ones that were knit and purl the ones that were purled.