Knit & Purl stitch in same row?


Quick question…is it possible to do the knit stitch and purl (sp?)stitch in the same row??

When I do the row looks so messed up. The yarn stitches are twisted within each other.

Thank you!!! :cool:


I’m not the best person to answer this (LOL… now my dsylexia will start to kick in) but it is possible to knit and purl a stitch in the same row.

While you are knitting your carrying yarn is in the back. When you want to purl, you bring your yarn to the front and then start purling away… to go back to knitting you bring the yarn to the back and begin to knit as before.

More than likely your row looks messed up because of the yarn going in front of the needle and behind the needle. After you do a couple rows it will start to look better.

Hope that help :wink:

Make sure that when you switch from knit to purl and back, that you bring the yarn between the needles and not over.

LOL!!! I wasn’t too sure how to word that!!

Knit and purl stitches are worked in the same row all of the time. It’s the combination of knit and purl stitches that give us ribbing as well as textured patterns!

If you can knit an entire row and purl an entire row, then it’s really no big deal to knit and purl in the SAME row. When switching from knit sts to purl stitches, just bring your yarn between your needles – not around them, but [I]between[/I] tem – from the back of your work to the front. Now you’re ready to purl! When you need to switch back to knit sts, just bring your yarn between your needles again, but from front to back and – [I]viola![/I] – you’re ready to knit!

If you are still confused, check out some of the videos on this site. They are all verrrrrry helpful, especially if you are one of us “gotta see it” types!

yeah i know it’s done all the time it just doesn’t work for me. The yarn is supposed to be in front for purling and in back for the knit stitch, I dont know about bringing the yard BETWEEN the needles.

The video’s that i’ve seen on this site don’t show this type of knitting but i’ll look again. Ive only been at this for a month so don’t mind my ignorance. I’m definetly a “gotta see type” because seeing it in a book is useless. I have to see it in action.


If you go to the “Knitting Tips” section of the videos on this site, you’ll see a section on Basic Stitch Patterns. If you watch the videos of either Ribbing or Seed St, you will see how to knit and purl on the same row. Hope they’ll be able to help you!

Awesome, thanks Wenda

That 1 video just solved 2 of my problems…The videos on this website answered more of my questions than the Beginner Knitting DVD I bought.

Wenda, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

You’re welcome. Glad I was able to help you out!

I understand it in theory, but in practice I need help. I’ve just done a row of k1 p1. now i’ve turned it around and i’m ready to go the other way. I want ribbed, not moss stitch. i think my last stitch, or first going back the other way, is a knit. he has a scarfe, not a noose. so if i knit him, does that stay a knit? cos i know it’s a purl on the other side. but from the side i’m looking at it, about to start another row, if it is a knit on that side i do a knit on that side?

do i make sense? help!

If I understand what you’re saying, yes you would knit it. If it looks like a knit, knit it. If it looks like a purl, then purl. For ribbing anyway.

If you are ever unsure- just put the needles together with the points matching and put the yarn in between them. Does that make sense?

Also be careful not to twist your stiches! The forward part of the loop is always (unless the pattern specifically tells you otherwise) the part that you want to knit or purl. That was a mistake of mine when I was starting out. I would knit/purl into the part of the look that was on the back for knitting or the front for purling & I would twist my stitches something awful instead of knitting/purling into the forward part of the loop regardless of which side of the needle it was on. Does this make any sense?