Knit & purl in same stitch?

I am finishing a scarf with a ruffled edge. The pattern gives the instruction to put a knit and purl stitch in each stitch across (doubling). The next row (and final one) is done the same way (doubling again). I’m not understanding this clearly. Do I knit into to stitch, then purl into the same stitch and slide the stitch off the left needle only after I complete both? It seems a bit tight when I go to make the purl…should I pull some extra slack after the knit stitch? :?? Thanks for any advice: I’m sure this is an easy one I’m just not getting;).

You have it exactly right. I know it will feel tight. See if you can stretch each stitch out a little before you knit then purl it. If not, slip the row you’re working on onto a smaller needle (only the left needle), thereby giving you more room to work the stitch.

Thank you so much for the quick response, campbellmom. It does feel odd…I’m going to go and give it another go with your advice. I’ll try the stretching first and then the smaller needle if needed, but I think I’ll get it w/ just pulling it looser. Just needed some reassurance…Thanks again:)

It’s like a knit in front and back increase; could you do that instead?