Knit/Purl Curling - HELP!

I am relatively knew to knitting and have some questions about making patterns with combinations of knit/purl. Anytime that I alternate by row (K one row, P one row) my scarf curls under on both sides. How can I prevent this or (if it is not prevantable) how can I fix it so that it doesn’t curl? I would love to start knitting pictures or words in my works but this is my greatest hindrance.

Alternating with one knit row and one purl row is called stocking stitch or stockinette, and it always curls. You can’t really fix it in work that you’ve already completed, although blocking can sometimes reduce the curl. But preventing it in the future is easy - you just need to add a border of garter st or seed st around the edges. Most people find 3 to 5 sts is sufficient, your mileage may vary.