Knit Pillow covers

Has anyone else noticed all of the knit pillow covers in the catalogs this season? I have seen a few in Pottery Barn and West Elm that I think are so pretty. I especially like the bolster cable pillow from West Elm and would love to make something similar for my daughters bed. Has anyone tried doing something like this? I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Happy Thanksgiving! "

I knitted a pillow cover for my daughter’s sofa a few years ago. It was 18" square. I used two strands of worsted weight held together, and cast on for 18". Then I did the stockinette stitch for about 8 rows. Then I must’ve gotten distracted and knitted when I should’ve purled. There was a ridge. I was too afraid to frog, so I just repeated the ridge after every 8th row. Kept knitting in pattern until it was twice as long as the pillow was high (36"). Bound off, and sewed around two sides, inserted the pillow form, and then sewed up the last side. Voila! (she loves it!)

I just finished a 16x16" pillow cover in LB Chenille - Champagne, which I purchased for $1.00 each. I’ll be giving it to my mom for Christmas. It’s just K2P2 Rows 1 & 2 then P2K2 Rows 3&4 and repeat the pattern. It came out very nice and soft. I did it in 2 pieces and seemed it together. My dd saw it and now she wants one but in a different color, which I don’t have.