Knit Pics Podcast

Have you heard KP podcast? Can the lady be any more dry?!? You can TELL she’s reading from a script. If I didn’t know better I would say she was trying to be funny.

I liked her when she spoke normally, interviewing some sock guru, but man…I cannot hear her otherwise!

Going to try some other podcasts.

I usually listen to it, simply because she does share some good tips and information, but you are right it is quite dry and doesn’t feel all that personal to me. She speaks very slowly and deliberately and no doubt she scripts the whole thing and reads it out. I always turn it off just as I know it’s about to end because it bugs me for some reason that her dog barks at the end of every episode. But…I still subscribe.

Some other ones I like, that are all found on itunes are:
~Stash and Burn
~Sticks & String
~It’s a Purl Man (though he hasn’t bee putting out many new episodes lately)
~Ready Set Knit (done by the owners of “Webs” yarn store)
~The Knitting Cook (again, no new episodes lately but if you haven’t listened to her before she has lots of good past episodes)
~Cast On
~Yarn Thing

Thanks for posting the list of ones you listen to. I’m brand new to podcasts and am trying to find the good ones.

I think it was the Knit Picks podcast that I couldn’t listen to for more than a couple of minutes.

I tried to give Violet and Lime a shot. They really got on my nerves pretty quickly. Not relaxing enough, a little ‘jumpy’, I think.

I stumbled across Sticks and Strings and do enjoy that one.

Tonight, I’ll try to listen to one or two of the others on your list and possibly add to my listening list.

I really like Lime and Violet. They do get excited, but I listen to them when I do housework so it works for me. It’s not my sit down and relax podcast. (That would be Sticks and String. )

The KP podcast is very informative, but much too dry for me, and I listen to college lectures for leisure. It’s not her fault, I just can’t listen for very long without trailing off.

I listened to Knitters Uncensored once, and it sounded like it would be fun, but they really put me off by talking about booze for the first 10 minutes. It may have been longer than that, but that is when I turned it off.

Hmmmm . . . wonder if I would get more housework done if I listened to L & V while I worked. :roll:

Probably not! :mrgreen:

I have to admit it took me awhile to get past the way Kelley reads her podcasts but now I’m hooked on it. I’m behind this week and can’t seem to find the time to catch up.

I’ve learned a lot from her podcast, found some great reference material and books and even joined in on the Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac group that Kelley started.

The nice part about it is discovering how lovely a person Kelley is. She posts often on the Yahoo group and always has something personal to say to everyone who posts on the list. Right now we are working on EZ’s Nether Garments – long woolen underwear – while gearing up for our October project of either a top down Open collar pullover or a Sweater Sampler from the Sweater Workshop.

Now I find Kelley’s podcast pretty relaxing. A quiet weekend day with no distractions, something mindless to knit on and my Knit Pick’s podcast is ok by me.

I’m just getting into the podcasts too! I enjoy listening on the train on my commute to and from work while I knit. I even listen sometimes in the evening just from my computer while I sit in the living room and relax and knit (I don’t watch a lot of tv).
I do agree the KP is pretty dry and scripted but there is some really useful information. I’ll keep listening to that one.
Others I like are
Cast On - Brenda Dayne has a lovely voice, very relaxing, very knowledgeable and she plays some great indie music.

Stash and Burn - Nicole & Jenny, based in San Francisco, very conversational and funny. I enjoy them.

I did listen to some episodes of Lime & Violet, they can be entertaining, but a bit “hyper” at times for me and got on my nerves too. Not so relaxing.

Socks in the City - all socks all the time. The podcaster, Carrie, is very conversational and loves to talk about her yarn.

I’ve also listened to a few episodes of It’s a Purl Man and Sticks and Strings, male podcasters and find them interesting.

I’m just getting into knitting podcasts but have listened to a few…KP’s I noticed alot of people saying they didn’t care for it but I personally like how slow and clear she speaks because usually I have to listen along side my 3 year old yelling and running around, so I don’t miss anything…haha…I like Sticks n String too and I just listened to Stash and Burn with guest Amy Singer, that was really a fun one!

I thought it was just me…I wish she would just talk naturally. She has good info, but by the end it begins to drive me nuts. LOL

What I think I hear happening with a number of podcasts is a change over time. Like with knitpicks and miriam quinn’s Knit Science: at first it’s kind of easy for them to talk more naturally about knitting, the way you might talk when you first meet someone. You can say anything because it’s not been said before. But then after a good number of podcasts, there comes a pressure to come up with new stuff, be entertaining, deliver original content. I think that pressure inhibits the naturalness of the delivery. A few podcasters are okay in this regard, they seem to be the ones who are more mature, or more broadminded, or at least a little more urbane. I have listened to many, but for me at least (paraphrasing respectfully) many are listened to but few are subscribed to. I can’t stand a lot of silly giggling and "totally!"s

I think Knitpicks is the only podcast I listen to. I like how even her voice sounds. And personally, if I ever even thought of doing a podcast, you bet your booty I’d read from a script. (I also like her pom barking at the end. It seems like she’s actually saying “finis”.)

Lynda M

I started listening to my first episode of Cast On today and loved it. Especially the jazz :wink: Didn’t get very far into it, but am already interested in several things she said.

It was the episode named Deny the Knit (1/13/06)…I just picked a select few to download, by title that interested me.

Do you know the date or title of that episode? I couldn’t find it when I went into iTunes and subscribed to it.