Knit Picks

Hey, what’s with the Knit Picks site? Many of the new Harmony needles are no longer on their site. I don’t mean they are listed as back ordered, I mean they are NOT LISTED at all.

Is this because the back orders have become so large that they simply cannot take more orders? That does not make sense as you normally cannot order out of stock items.

maybe they had a production or quality issue? didn’t someone here have trouble attaching them to her cables? weird- you would think there would be an announcement on the web page or something.

It looks like size 5-7 tips are not available. I bet they are just sold out of popular sizes. Weird way to express that though. I think if it was a quality issue, it would apply to more sizes. I just checked the Harmony sock DPN set, and it says available 9/28. I bet they are in the process of updating the site.

The set is there but the needles 5 through 7 are missing. Have you emailed them?

I just checked and could see everything…

Perhaps it has to do with your ISP… then again, it could be MY ISP! lol!


Yeah the 5,6, and 7 are gone!

I just called their customer service number and they said those sizes are out of stock because they are “going very, VERY FAST” but as soon as they have them back in stock they will be back up on the website.

I ordered the interchangeable Harmony set last week. Says they are on their way. Looks like I ordered them just in time.

I was going to order the Harmony set on Monday, oh pooh.:sad:

I ordered two size 6 and two size 8 Harmony circular needles along with some yarn yesterday and my order says it is processing. Guess I just got in under the line:cheering::cheering::yay::woohoo: