Knit Picks

Hi everyone!!

The fact that Knit Picks doesn’t ship to Australia is just KILLING ME!!!

I’m absolutely DESPERATE to try some of the Knit picks yarns. Esp the ones for felting as the colours are just DREAMY!!!

Can anyone help me out?? All I need is a loverly person who would be able to receive my Knit Picks order and then forward onto me (I would of course pay for all postage - or indeed organise a swap for some Aussie yarns).


I’ll do it!! PM me if you still need someone and we can work it out.

Thank you very much for your responses! :smiley:

Okay… now comes the hard decision of choosign WHAT I get…

I plan on making the order ‘count’… so give me a week or so and I’ll find out what I need for what project…


Thanks again!

I’d be happy to be a backup go-between for you.