Knit picks UK?

I was flicking around google trying to see what was available in the way of interchangeable sets in Europe, so I got quite excited when I saw the url I thought Knit picks had a UK site, but when you visit it, it is the same as the USA site and the shipping options just give USA and Canada, so why have a UK URL - anyone else confused???

That’s a good question… but I did find this:

They sell knitpicks harmonies in the UK… I don’t know if they also sell other knitpicks products.

I saw that thanks! I saw Denises on ebay for about £30 ($60?) so but from the reviews here I thought I’d see if I could find Boyes or Knit Picks, but they are either sold out or more expensive. Asking myself if I REALLY need them, or just want it because…

I got my harmonies for Christmas, and I have to say… they are fabulous! :slight_smile:

I know they sell the Harmonies and the metal options. Plus they also sell the fixed circular needles,extra cables and tips, the needle sizer and the size tabs that you can use if you want to the needle tips for something else and want to remember what size you were using.

I got a set of Harmonys for Christmas and i love them…my DD ordered them from

if you were deciding between the three major interchangeables: Boye, Denise, or KP, I would look at either KP or Denise. Boyes have a tendency to become unscrewed really easily and the cables are very stiff. If you don’t want something too expensive, I would go for Denise because they have more needle tips and more cable lengths included in the base price as well as a nice box to keep them all in.

If you want to go for higher quality, then go for the options

Gotta agree… I never use my boyes.

I have both the Denise needles and the Options. Yes, the Denise needles are less expensive, but I hardly think that means lower [I]quality[/I]. It’s hard to compare between the two as far as quality because they are vastly different types of needles. Denise needles are very high [I]quality[/I], they just happen to be high quality [B][I]resin[/I][/B] rather than high quality hollowed brass with nickel plating. Both are extremely good and have exceptional customer service and warranties. Both are excellent needle sets. Both are high quality needles that are favorites for many knitters. I love both my Denise needles and my Options and would be hard-pressed to give up either.

You’re right, of course, but I think a lot of times KP is seen as being a bit more valueable if that makes any sense.

I think that if you want:
more flexible cables–KP
a bit more grip(though not a whole lot) when you’re knitting–Denise
Pointier tips–KP
more bang for your buck–Denise
smoother glide–KP
better organization–Denise
more needle sizes available(though not offered in the starter kit)–KP

It’s a bit of coin toss

Dangling carrots and then yanking them is very rude. Wouldn’t having a UK site imply that “domestic” shipping would be within the UK? I’d call that false advertising…

But maybe I’m just bitter. :wink:

I got the Options through help here on the board and they are fantastic! I’m really glad and think that the investment is worth it. I ordered some extra tips and cables through, since they ship international. They said they shipped on December 14th and it’s still not here. I guess the Christmas shopping got all orders delayed. I hope it will come soon Crossed Fingers . If this order will be ok, I’ll order Harmonies later this year, in sizes i don’t have in the Options.