Knit Picks -Telemark

Has anyone had a chance to use this?

I just ordered some for a sweater because I couldn’t resist the price. And it was a xmas gift for me :slight_smile:

Iam going to use it for this pattern


Any input would be great:)

I’ve been using this for a scarf for my husband. I’ve noticed that it seems very tightly plied. This makes for great stitch definition, but the scarf is a bit “stiffer” than I really wanted. It’s not scratchy, just “stiff” (if that makes sense). I’m wondering if it will soften when I wash it…Overall, though, I’ve been very happy with it.

Iam glad to here about the tight ply, as it reccomends that for the cable definition on the sweater.
It may be tight due to the needle size you are using.

I was still on the edge on doing a pull over or cardigan depending on the softness against the body.

It is a bit smaller guage then called for , so some adjustments are going to be nessacery.

Thanks for the input.

I’m not sure it’s the needles - I’m knitting on size 5s, and I am a pretty loose knitter. I’m anxious to hear about your experience with it, as well as how it does on a larger garment.