Knit picks simple stripes

I have started socks for my mom for mother’s day and now that I’m about 15 rows down, they are going pretty good. The only problem is…they don’t feel so soft…who around here has made socks from simple stripes (knitpicks)? I love the self-striping effect and I guess I just thought they’d be softer. Should I wash them before giving them to mom…will that help??

I agree. I’ve made one sock and will work on the second soon. The yarn isn’t soft, but I guess you get what you pay for. I’m hoping it will soften up some in the wash as well. Maybe some fabric softener, too.

Yes, it feels better after it’s been washed. But even before being washed, mine felt better on my feet than they did in my hands.

I have had just finished some KP Simple Stripes & Essential & found that neither was very soft when finished, but softened when I blocked them…I should have washed them, but completely forgot :doh: !! So, I think it’s encouraging that they softened a bit with blocking…washing should soften them more :wink:

Good to know! And feet aren’t as sensitive for sure. I tried on the one I made and it wasn’t too bad, but I’m sure it’ll be better after washing.

I made some socks with simple stripes and they felt scratchy to my hands, but I didn’t notice at all on my feet. Feet just aren’t as sensitive as the rest of your skin so it’s ok if they aren’t all that soft.

Though I think the socks did soften up a little after being washed.

thanks guys…I’ve been working on them quite a bit today and have made progress…I didn’t think about the fact that your feet aren’t as sensitive. I’ll wash them and then go from there…I’ll let you guys know how it comes out!

just had to pipe in that I love your avatar, Cristy!

Thanks Carol–my dh made it for me after I complained that I didn’t have one. I think he’s rather cute too!

KP Simple Stripes feel sooooooooooooooo much better when washed. I just threw mine in the washing machine and they came out fine.