Knit Picks Rectangular Square Cover Shawl--HELP!

Is anyone or has anyone made this? Rectangular Cover Shawl

It is my first lace and chart pattern. Gutsy I know.

On the odd rows (RS) you follow directions for the border then the chart pattern (repeating 5 times). On the even rows (WS) you do the borders then just purl the chart sts.

I have a question.

When I follow the pattern and it has a symbol that looks like a tent with a line in the center KP has it as SKP (slip 1, knit 1, psso). However, I am finding that other references out there have it as slip 1, k2tog, psso. If I do it KP’s way, I end up with 5 extra sts at the end. So, I am wondering…did they have it wrong? Instead of SKP, shoudl it be sl 1, k2tog, psso? I would come out even if I did that. Am I making sense?

Thoughts? I am making it as a Christmas present for my MIL and I don’t want to screw it up. Thanks!


If it says SKP then it is slip 1, knit one, psso. Just like they said. It decreases your count by 1 stitch. I suspect something else might be going wrong. Are there yo’s in the pattern? Those can often cause new lace knitters problems.

If there is a mistake in the pattern, maybe you could find out by emailing Knitpicks or the designer? There could be errata out there.

I did a search saying “Rectangular Cover Shawl” and found a couple of references from a woman who finished it. There was no mention of a mistake in the pattern. :shrug:

Darn it! It must be the yo then. THere are a lot of them. I will try to be more careful!

She did mention that the pattern repeats are long and that she found using markers to be especially helpful.

I found this on someone’s blog. A girl was asking this person…

Teresa said…
Your Candle Flame Shawl is beautiful!

I found your blog whist Google-ing Knitpicks Rectangular Cover Shawl…I just cast on for it last night. I’m on row two of the chart and I think there’s a mistake there, so I was looking to see if anyone else had blogged about that.

I’d love to know if you’ve recieved your pattern and yarn yet - and to know if I’m screwed up or they are.

11:22 AM
Aidan said…
I don’t think you’ve screwed up. Where the pattern/chart calls for SKP, it should be "Slip One, K2tog, Pass Slip Stitch Over]. So it should decrease 2 stitches. Hope this helps.

So, maybe I am not crazy??


Well, then, I’d try it that way and see how it works. Maybe just make a swatch rather than do an entire shawl-length pattern row.

I don’t know if this infringes on copyright laws or not, but I wonder if you’d be able to share the first few lines of the pattern and how many stitches you cast on to begin. I’d be happy to look at it and see if it looks like the increases balance out the decreases or if it seems to be a mistake. PM me if you don’t feel comfortable posting it here, since it’s not a free pattern. I’m just a bit wary to believe that there’s a mistake if Ingrid found an example of someone who knitted it without problems.

Thanks for your help. I pm’d knitqueen to see if she might be able to help figure it out. Is all lace knitting this frustrating!?!?! :wall: :rofl: Thanks again!

I have the pattern and I agree with the SK2P approach. To maintain the balance of yo’s and dec’s that’s the way to do it!

Hi Again!
I just checked KP’s errata page and they have the error posted. There also a correction to the All Even Numbered Rows instructions

Ya know, I find that so odd because sunnyreflection pm’d me one of the instruction lines that was giving her trouble and it worked out perfectly for me, as written.

Thanks so much! Why in the h-e-double hockey sticks didn’t they send those corrections to me when they sent me the directions! :!!!: :wall:

Good point! I think they should email everyone who ordered it (I know they keep that info.). The errata page is SO hard to find on their site. It doesn’t come up when you use the search function. You have to go to the projects page and then scroll down to the bottom to see the link in small letters.