Knit Picks Question

Can anyone please tell me what it means when there is an * next to one of the items in your order on the KP site?

Please, oh please don’t tell me it means the item is out of stock :frowning:


I did a test run and added things to my cart, some that were in stock and some that weren’t. I didn’t see * on either. The out of stock items had big letters on the left that said Not In Stock.

The only * that I see on the page is: Qualify for FREE SHIPPING with any order of $30.00 or more *continental U.S. residents only

Thanks so much, Deede!! There is hope!!!

You’re welcome, I’m glad to be of help. If you run into anymore problems you can always call the toll free number. They are very helpful there !

Tee, hee…but not at 3 in the morning :wink: You were much more helpful at that hour than they could have been at that hour of the morning :happydance:

I did call a few minutes ago, and that * was next to the book because it’s going to be a closeout, once stock is gone, it’s gone! AND, despite the fact that it says the order is still being processed, it shipped TWO days ago!!! :cheering: Yeah Knit Picks, plus I placed the order through the link here and I got to help Amy out too!!! It’s all good!!!

hehe, I am a night owl! If you have any other ?'s at 3 a.m. just let me know…I’m here for you! :smiley:

Closeout book? Oh which one?

EXCELLENT! Another night owl! I don’t think I have been to sleep before about 4am in years.

The book is Simply Felt and the pictures on the cover look pretty awesome! Can’t wait to get it!

Thanks again for the help!!

This looks like a very cool book, lots of projects, not to mention KP has it listed lower than Amazon!

Night Owl’s RULE! :shock: hoot hoot