Knit Picks question

I ordered my first ever stuff from Knit Picks on Saturday. I checked my order status online yesterday, and it showed as “pending” with a list of all the items I had ordered. Today when I checked it, it says there is no record of my having ordered anything in the last 30 days. If you’ve ordered from them before, does that mean it has been shipped? I emailed them with my confirmation email info but no answer yet.
In what timeframe does your Knit Picks order usually arrive, on average?

That’s happened to me before too. I think it’s from when they change the status of your order. You should get a shipment notice soon (in the next day or so), and it should be delivered within 2 weeks.

All three of my orders have come within a week. :thumbsup:

I think that things like that tend to happen when making all these changes to the site & stuff…as long as you get it…what more could you want?!
I’m preparing for my ‘sock sabbatical’…but, I canNOT do it until I go to the eye dr thurs…yep, I’m too old and now have to have glasses to knit…well, to see :roflhard: :roflhard:
I just frogged my granddaughter’s last pair of socks bc I just kept messing up and couldn’t see to ladder the st…how awful.
So…I MUST have my spectacles soon…I’VE GOT TO HAVE MY SOCKBATICAL…but I must :shock: see to do it!!
I guess getting my 1st glasses @ 46 is not so bad, tho…I can deal and I actually don’t mind wearing glasses…BUT…no contacts…canNOT stick my finger in my eye :fingerwag:
Wish me eye exam/glasses luck…please!!

Yep…its happened to me, too…not to worry! they are always on top of things!

I was so silly to worry/wonder! Not half an hour after I posted my question, I got the email saying it had been shipped. I can’t wait. I ordered a bunch of stuff. :smiley:

i have a question about suri dream while we are talking about it. Why is that a super bulky weight wool? i guess i don’t know much about the differences in weights but that stuff is really very thin so why is it considered super bulky weight? i don’t think i would ever try to knit it without another thicker yarn for support so i am curious.

LOL…what’s always on top of things, KK?! The eye doctor?! :roflhard: :roflhard:
Just playing with you, my friend…I know u r giving my fair warning about where to look when I lose the glasses that I’ve got to get… :thinking: Or, u think that I’m so old that I won’t be able to keep up with them…and I’ll be blind, too?!

:roflhard: Oh, Rebecca…you are just a CARD. :heart:

I was surprised that Suri was listed as super bulky, too…its more like an eyelash yarn, no?

Rebecca–I go down to the Dollar General and try on some, and I only need the lowest level-1.25’s–they’re about 5 bucks a piece and then I can have 2 or 3 pair where I need them. I am rough on glasses, so I’m making do with these right now!!
Good luck with your appt.! :XX:

i have some contacts that i have had for over 4 years that i have worn once because it takes me too long to get them in!!! my eye doctor told me to go to any pharmcy and get a pair of readers. i haven’t got around to yet but thats what i’m going to do. considering this is your first pair at your age (please don’t take that wrong!) you prolly don’t need a strong Rx.

Thanks guys, Ellen…I’ve tried the over the counter…nope…I need to see EVERYWHERE!!

Carmell…I couldn’t put a contact in my eye if u paid me!!

My eyes have been slowly getting worse over the past couple of years, but it’s been such a slow process, this that comes with age, that I didn’t really notice it a distinctly as it has become of late…it’s time for the real deal…I have tried … I think as I sat back to count, 5 different levels of the readers that you can buy at the store for magnification. It’s obvious that it’s the age thing, the entire eye involved, muscles, everything. BUT…trust me, they wil be correct, if I leave with them & they seem fine & end up not being after a short while…I will return them until they are right.
Yes, I finally faced it today when I couldn’t knit socks…couldn’t bc I couldn’t see…then can’t see far away as well as when I was younger…but I’ve made it to 46…lol, my sister turned 40 and her vision went back within the next month…not even kidding!!

Ya’ll are all so sweet…thanks so much for caring :wink: …LOL, except you, Carmell…at your age…hmph!!!.. :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: I’m just playing…lol, but couldn’t resist…sweetness…I am proud to have reached 46 bc back in the day…it was questionable!

Well, Sweetpea–at least you’ve made up your mind to get them and get them RIGHT!! :smiley: I never know when to take things back til it’s too late!! :frowning:

I’m 55, and I don’t need them too much for distance yet–but, like you, when I’m trying to knit socks with fingering yarn on size 1 needles and continue to find dropped stitches several rows down, :shock: I know it’stime to go for the glasses!
Maybe you’ll inspire me to go and spend the money for REAL glasses. I had a pair 2 years ago, and lost them in Alabama while vistiing my son and family. So I felt like I wasn’t careful enough about them, and hate to spend that money on them again–we have very poor eyecare insurance, and my husband is facing a hip replacement soon; I really hate too spend the money, you know?? :frowning:

You all just need longer arms!

well that is what i was thinking but i thought maybe i just don’t know things… :thinking:

ummm…don’t agree with that[/size][/color]

Eyelash yarn is very thin in the inside thread, but is usually knit on big needles, so the gauge ends up bulky. I don’t think you could knit eyelash on small needles very well at all.