Knit Picks order?

I submitted mt first Knit Picks order last night (needles and yarn). I have the e-mail confirming my order (though it took hours to receive that) and my credit card shows the charges as “pending”, but under “order status” on the Knit Picks site it doesn’t show anything…

Is this normal?


Yep, they can be a bit slow sometimes.

I just got my first order from KP on Monday. As I remember it took a day before my order said it was processing then it said shipped. You can always call them just to check if it doesn’t post soon.

There have been orders when it still shows as pending and its already in my mailbox.

I wouldn’t worry, they are excellent and I’ve never had a problem.

I noticed the same thing on one of my recent orders. I called them and the lady said that it can take up to 24 hours for it to show on the site. I’ve ordered from them many times with no problems :slight_smile:

Well, the order status is now up… as partially shipped.

My yarn and DPNs have shipped, but both sets of 16" circs as back ordered for 2 weeks… :pout: That’s the main reason I placed the order, was for the circs! :wall:

I just placed my first order from them today. :woot: I will let you kno whow it goes.